Food Events That You Don’t Want To Miss This Week

Yummy fish taco

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Enjoy some delicious food this week.

Are you feeling extremely hungry this week? If so, here are some tasty events that you are sure to enjoy.

Today, at Tribeca Eatery, All Good Things, Chef Roxanne Spruance is hosting the second part of her pop-up dinner series. The dinner is a six course “Kingsley” tasting meal, which includes some delicious items like Black Trumpet Mushrooms, lamb bacon and much more. The dinner comes paired with some refreshing wines and will only cost you $75.00.

On Wednesday, at the Japan Society in Midtown, there is a dynamic matcha food event, which will be featuring some amazingly tasty matcha smoothies, tea and other tasty matcha items. You will also hear Candice Kumai, Iron Chef judge, a New York times bestselling author, and the food editor at Shape magazine. Cost $18.00.

On Thursday, at the Whole Foods in Gowanus, in the facilities in house bar, a beer dinner will be served, the bar is called “The Roof”. The dinner features a six-course meal with beer tasting from “Single Cut Beersmiths”, a local brewery. Among some of scrumptious food that you will get to eat are fish tacos and matzo-meal latkes with goat cheese, proceeds will go to the Prospect Park Alliance. Cost $50.00 per person. The event starts runs from 7 p.m.until 9 p.m. so make your reservations now by emailing

Hope you all get to eat some delicious food this week and enjoy attending these amazing food events this week.

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A Couple 2014 Food Events That You Don’t Want To Miss

Here are a couple of 2014 Food events that focus on using homegrown products to create delicious cuisine. The people who partake in these events take pride in giving back to their communities by bringing awareness to hunger focused organization and local food producers.

San Fran Street Fest.

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This year on August 15th -17th, you can find the sixth annual San Francisco Street Food Festival. It will take in the Dogpatch neighborhood on the city’s east side. This special event is maintained and hosted by a non-profit organization that focuses on aspiring entrepreneurs, the name of organization is La Cocina. This events runs for three days and a few of the activities that you will find during this event are:

    • On Friday – Ticketed Friday Night Market and Fund-Raiser

    • On Saturday – A Street Festival with over 80 vendors, including popular restaurants like State Bird Provisions and Central Kitchen. The Street Festival is fee, although the food presented during the street festival will cost you.

    • On Sunday – A food and entrepreneur conference.

During Saturday, you will find that the vendors will be offering a new twist, which is a to be determined menu product that they will use in a “top-chef” style challenge.

Boston food fest

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Another food event that you really don’t want to miss is in New England and is the fifth annual Boston Local Food Festival. This festival will be held on September 14. This festival is Boston’s biggest 1 day farmer’s market and culinary engagement. It is held at the Rose Kennedy Greenway. You can plan to find a bunch of food trucks, celebrity chef demos and Do It Yourself booths regarding pickling and butchering. Of course, considering the geographic location of this festival you will expect to find sustainable fish and seafood cooking competitions hosted by the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance.

There will be many fun and exciting food events this year, but the above festivals are surely a couple of events that no food lover wants to miss.

Please visit for more information regarding these food events.

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Fast Food Workers Are Protesting Again

It appears that fast food workers and labor organizers around the U.S are waving their signs, marching for higher wages and protesting again on this December 5th, 2013. Labor organizers are saying that in over 100 cities their will be fast food workers protesting today. Of course, they are not sure exactly how many people will be participating in any of these protests or if these protests will actually have an impact on the restaurant world.

Fast food protestors

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In the big apple, New York City, around 100 protestors blew their whistles, beat their drums and marched into a McDonald’s around 6:30 this morning. It is known that one customer grabbed their food and left the establishment when the protestors made their way into the establishment. Another patron simply continued eating while he listened to the chants of protestors. Every one in the place could hear protestors chanting things like “We can’t survive on $7.25 an hour”.

Even though, there is an enormous amount of attention about the low wage for fast food workers, the people who work in fast food establishments are in for an uphill battle in their fight for higher wages. This type of industry competes with each other aggressively by using value offerings and many fast food companies have already warned that they would have to increase prices, cut employee hours and be willing to not hire new employees if they made the decision to make wage increases. In addition, many fast food locations are operated and owned as franchisees, which means that businesses like McDonald’s, Burger King and Yum Brand, Inc. say they don’t control the amount of money a worker gets paid. But, some labor advocates have been known to say that these franchises do control many other aspects of their establishments like menus, equipment and suppliers.

In the past, fast food worker’s have had trouble unionizing because they seems to be such a high turnover in the industry. However, in the past year or two it seems that Service Employees International Union has been giving fast food worker’s a lot of support.

Who knows if these protests will help fast workers get the higher wages they desire, only time will tell. For now, Senator Majority Leader, Harry Reid, D-Nev, has promised that their will be a vote on the wage increase hike before the end of the year.

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A Lover Of Crab- Get Fresh Stone Crab Claws Delivered To Your Door

Your newspaper, Your electric bill, Your favorite magazine. A Pound of your favorite thing to eat, stone crab claws. These are all things that you could get delivered to your door tomorrow.


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Go ahead and get your mallet ready. Order your stone crab claws today from Uberstonecrabs and start eating them as early as tomorrow. Uberstonecrabs will ship these fresh delicacies straight to your door within 24 hours from when you order them.

Oh, what a great thing it would be to treat yourself to some stone crab claws. Doesn’t it make you excited just thinking about eating on a sweet tasty stone crab claw. Yes, stone crab claw season is in progress, right now. The season runs from October 15, 2013 – May 15, 2014.

But, if you can’t get to Florida to capture these yummy treats yourself, all you have to do is visit the website of Uberstonecrabs, bring out the size of crab claw you desire and place your order for colossal, jumbo or large sized stone crab claws. Don’t forget to order some adorable mini forks so you can easily eat your claws.

After you place your order, you can expect the experts at Uberstonecrabs to carefully place your order in a temperature controlled box and ship it directly to your door. You should be feasting on delicious stone crab claws soon so go ahead, go order your claws now.

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People Clean Up Florida Waterways, Improving Stone Crab Habitats

In Collier County, Florida law enforcement and volunteers moved a large mass of debris from the Collier’s coastline. People spent all day cleaning trash from the bottom of the Gulf, the kind of garbage that was cleaned up can cause damage to stone crab habitats thus create trouble for Florida’s economy. Stone Crabs can bring in millions of dollars to the economy of Florida thus keeping their habitat clear of debris is essential.

A couple of miles from Naples, about 20 feet beneath the surface, a person can find murky waters and a bounty of marine life, including stone crabs. However, everything in these waters is being harmed by the massive amount of trash that has accumulated under the water.

Debris clean up in Collier County

Photo By: Scott Butherus

Over the past several years, the Florida Sea Grant Extension and some caring people from Collier county take a day and retreat to the waters. They spend their time diving down and removing trash of all kinds including, fishing lines, casting nets and common day trash. Everything that they find can be harmful to the upcoming stone crab season, which means fishing for these delightful delicacies could be a little tougher this season.

Stone Crabs have become very popular in Florida and in many other parts of the country. Restaurants, caterers and residents of Florida love to serve these treats up for their guests to enjoy. Many people don’t go out and harvest their own stone crab claws, instead, they choose to order them directly from a distributor like offers the finest fresh stone crab claws on the market, I have always gotten high quality very flavorful stone crab claws from them. Along with my purchase from Uberstonecrab, I have also ordered incredible gourmet products that complement my crab claws perfectly from

The reality is we should all try to do our part to keep all waterways clean all around the world thus our marine wildlife will be able to thrive successfully. In addition, all of us who don’t have the privilege of harvesting your own stone crab claws, then make the right decision and purchase fresh stone crab claws from Uberstonecrab.



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New York City Physicians Are Prescribing Vegetables And Fruits

Physicians usually write their patients prescriptions for medication, but in New York City many doctors are now giving some of their obese and overweight patients prescriptions for fruit and vegetables instead of medicine.

A Health and Vegetable Prescription Program was introduced on Tuesday by Health Commissioner Thomas Farley and Deputy Mayor Linda Gibbs. The goal of this program is to give families who are at a higher risk of being effected by obesity the chance to receive healthier edibles.

In addition, the program gives people who are obese or overweight a prescription for Health Bucks, which they can use to obtain produce at local farmer’s markets. These Health Bucks are a component of the GrowNYC crusade, which is a campaign initiating that the locally grown produce in New York be available to families with low incomes.

Doesn't the produce at this farmer's market look tasty and very appetizing?

Doesn’t the produce at this farmer’s market look tasty and very appetizing?

The new vegetable and fruit prescription program will give $1.00 (Health Bucks) a day to each member in an approved family for four months. During the months when families receive their Health Bucks, each member of the family will have to visit the hospital to get their prescriptions renewed. In addition, each member will have their weight checked, body mass index calculated and will also receive nutritional consultation.

Tammy Futch, a Bronx resident, says that her family has seen positive changes in their health since beginning the program. Ms. Futch said “My son lost 40 pounds being on this program and I also lost weight doing it with him….I have four other kids on the program.”

Wholesome Wave, a non-profit agency that links farm fresh produce to low income families, began this new fruit and veggie program. In 2011, the Wholesome Wave administered their fruit and vegetable prescription program in Rhode Island, Maine, California and Massachusetts. At this point, the program is now being administered in at total of seven states.



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M. Wells Dinette Introduces Two New Lunch Desserts

Pastry Chef Bethany Costello from M. Wells Dinette introduces a couple new lunch desserts. You probably have never tasted anything like these delicious desserts before in your life.

The first dessert is a parfait that you must eat immediately, as soon as it is served to you. Otherwise, it will fall thus look and taste like an old Souffle. This parfait is called The Wild Ginger Parfait, it costs $10.00. The parfait is served in a large, gleaming brandy glass. At first glance, it looks like the chef just mixed blueberries and meringue together and put them in a glass. However, after the very first bite you will notice that it isn’t meringue in the glass, it is a light wild ginger foam. As you eat the parfait, you will notice poached blueberries and crunchy bits of oats that have been mixed with brown sugar. The blueberries and oats are perfect complements to the light wild ginger foam. If you have never eaten wild ginger you should know that it has a more subtle flavor than the ginger root that is commonly eaten in restaurants and homes. Since, a lot of this dessert is made up of foam it makes for a fantastic light lunch dessert, which is the only time during the day that the café is open.

Delicious Wild Ginger Parfait.

Delicious Wild Ginger Parfait.

The second dessert is called The Frozen Nougat Sandwich. It costs $5.00 and is similar to an ice cream sandwich, without the ice cream. The sandwich has a light semi-freddo like filling between two cookies. This dessert filling is a meringue that is combined of honey folded into whipped cream. In the filling you will find crunchy and sweet honey dried-fruits and nuts, which add deliciousness to the frozen nougat dessert.

Scrumptious Frozen Nougat Sandwich.

Scrumptious Frozen Nougat Sandwich.

Both of these desserts are perfect for a lunchtime treat during the summer. Plus, they are light so you won’t feel overly full.



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Would You Spend Forty Dollars For A Doughnut?

Are doughnuts one of your favorite treats? If so, would you spend forty dollars on a delicious doughnut?  I bet, many of you might think that forty dollars might just be a little too much money for a doughnut. Well, how about spending forty dollars on a cronut?

Delicious Cronut.

Delicious Cronut.

Now, you might just be wondering what on earth is a cronut. Well, it is a combination of a croissant and a doughnut. Cronuts were created in the Big Apple. However, these tasty treats have become a hot item on the black market, as well.

One place that you can find a cronut is at New York’s Dominique Ansel Bakery since they are creating these flaky scrumptious treats in batches of 300.  However, according to the Inquistr, the bakery sells a batch of cronuts within a half hour of the bakery doors opening. The bakery offers them to their customers for $5.00, but people on Craigslist are charging $40.00 dollars for a cronut.

Bridgette Wilson, a barista at the bakery, stated that a customer can pre-order a cronut, but the bakery is so backed up it might be early July before a person could actually get their teeth into one. In addition, on the bakery website, it states that cronut fans should expect to wait two hours to get one of these popular tasty treats.

Chef Ansel came up with the idea of cronuts on Mother’s Day and never imagined that they would become such a desirable product. “It was not premeditated”, says Wilson. In addition, Bridgette Wilson added, “Our chef is extremely humble. He never expected this rage”.

Well, it sounds like Chef Ansel sure came up with a great delicious treat, but the question is would you be willing to spend $40.00 on a Cronut? Or do you have the patience to get one from the bakery?


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Get Energy By Eating These Top Energy Foods

Do you ever find yourself losing energy throughout the day? Do you reach for a supplement or an energy drink to get yourself through the day? If so, you should know that the right way to get the kind of energy that you need to get through a long hard day is by eating foods which are packed with all natural elements like complex carbs, fibers and protein. So toss aside those energy drinks and supplements for some of these highly recommended foods that will recharge your system thus give you more energy.

First and foremost, start out your day by eating whole grain cereal with some low-fat milk. Now, add some melons, Icelandic yogurt, polenta, walnuts and farmer’s cheese to your snack and lunch time menus. In addition, include brown rice, lentils, Edamame or some crab into your dinners throughout the week. You can also add coffee and green tea into your beverage selections during the day.

Walnuts great energizer foods.

Walnuts great energizer foods.

You can easily obtain any of the above listed food items at your local grocers or grocery store. Eating any or all of these foods will certainly help you stay energized all day long. In the end, you are sure to see that eating all natural energy foods is definitely much more satisfying and healthy than drinking energy drinks or taking energy supplements.

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Two Food Trends That Are Expected For 2013

If you love food, then you probably are wondering what types of food products and styles will be dancing around the food industry in 2013, right? Well, here are two food trends that experts are expecting to create a big stir in the food industry this year.

First is wine experimentation. This means that you will probably see restaurants serving many different variations of wine. This will be done in the wines that they pour into the glasses of their customers and from the wines that they use in recipes that they serve to their client. Matter of fact, you are luckily to even see more home cooks using wines in their home kitchens, as well.

The second thing that is sure to explode in 2013 is food foraging. This is the method of food growing organically in nature, then being used in cooking. Berries, nuts and mushrooms are among the foods that you will see becoming hot trendy food products during this year of food foraging.

These two food trends are bound to awaken the souls of foodies everywhere around the world. It is exciting just to think about how these trends will affect the world of food. Surely, they will become a positive attribute of restaurant chefs and home cooks around the world.


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